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It is our mission to improve the way the healthcare system works. We do it by putting people into focus and making sure we do all we can for our patients.


Your smartest companion


Online Bill Payment

Once you are done with the hospital – you are done. And now it is true all to the very end. Pay bills from the comfort of your home and celebrate your health the way you want it!

Doctor Referral Network

Here you can publicly access profiles of all the doctors in our system. Match and review their work to get the best care.

Online Appointments

Make online appointments the way you want it! See when your doctor has an open slot and how that corresponds with your schedule. The easy graphic calendar makes reservations as easy as opening mail.

What does Patient Relationship Management man?

PRM refers to the modern practice of making medical documentation digital and a part of the electronic system. This way, data can not only be stored and retracted faster and better, but also used in many other ways. Patient relationship management is meant to improve the medical service for both doctors and the patients.


Patients today can use online services and experience the patient relationship management first hand. We had asked some of our first users what they thought of the new options that were presented to them when they joined us.

Matt Chapman

I’ve seen the advantage of this system first hand. I went to the hospital, and since I’ve made the appointment through an app, I already knew when and where I was going. Doctor welcomed me with my file already open and waiting.


Steve Newton

The first time I used PRM I was trying to get the best doctor for the skin problem I was experiencing. Since I was too embarrassed to ask my friends, I decided to try an app. I turned out to be the best thing ever.


Winda Lyn

Since I’ve been regular for my weekly doctor appointments for over a year now, I must admit I’m in love with this system. The PRM my doctor is using has decreased the number of my visits to the hospital three times, since I can do it all online now.


Our future work


Patient relationship management work is never done and never perfect. That is why we will always keep on pushing the bar in pursuit for the best service we can get for our patients. We plan on upgrading our software to provide even more options and integrate into the existing systems completely. Our partner offers text reminders for patient appointments making communication quick and easy.

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